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Fuck Cold Lake, THIS is where CF turned to shit - 17%

Agathocles, May 3rd, 2004

Listening to this album is really hard on me. It reminds me of the time, recalling the awesomeness that was CARNIVORE, that I heard Type O Negative. I couldn't get an erection for weeks until I consulted some Death Strike.

There are a few songs that don't completely suck. They are "Inner Sanctum", and moments of "Sorrows Of The Moon" and "Babylon Fell"(in between all that fucking gothic remorse shit).

Gothic, that's the way I would describe Warrior's vocal change. Instead of kicking ass like he did before, he changed his vocal patterns and sounds more along the lines of bands like Christian Death, Sisters Of Mercy, etc. He intermixes these gothic vocals with his old school vocals which made albums like To Mega Therion and Morbid Tales, and the material by Hellhammer classic. Unfortunately, those sort of gothic vocals don't compliment this album very well. They sound good in the sort of music that bands like Bauhaus play, but not in the kind of stuff Celtic Frost do.

The worst song (and best for comedic value) is "One In Their Pride". This song has a fucking break beat in it: everytime I listen to this song I keep expecting to fucking see LL Cool J start rapping while some dudes are breakdancing in the background. Not exactly what I was looking for.

So to sum it up: Fuck this shit. I'll take songs like "The Usurper" and "Into The Crypts Of Rays" anyday over this garbage.