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My fave Celtic Frost... - 90%

Snxke, July 10th, 2004

Celtic Frost made quite the little EP with this record. While it lacks the speedy violence of the Hellhammer material, it's "hell's furnace" sound never worked better than it did on this record. I don't really "like" or "dislike" Celtic Frost, as I find MOST of it to be Hellhammer watered down like the beer at a terrible bar, or cocaine cut with mostly baby-ass-powder. This still manages though, in it's playing and capture a certain mood and darkness that made a large impact. The band here is thick, aggressive and on the ball! The musicianship and production are better than Hellhammer...but the mood is more relaxed and the songwriting a bit less extreme.

"Dethroned Emperor" and all of the other tracks just clobber like a punch-drunk boxer with arms of steel. It grumbles and stumbles but does so gloriously, as if it were a machine slowly smashing steel plated together. Tom put together his best tracks post-Hellhammer here, and I can say nothing but good things about them. It's doomy, it's's brutal! Tommy may not have matched the evil of Hellhammer, but he did create a mood of darkness and doom previously untouched.

If I have to tell people to buy ONE EP it's this one. It's meaty thickness and vile mood show a classier side to doom-black metal that was rarely show before, or after this release. I could honestly give a fuck about Tom G. Warriors work after this...and you'd be foolish to pass it by. It certainly works for what it is...possibly influencing more doom-black styled metal than any other band before them.

You know...that's some neato artwork there too.