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The_Boss, December 17th, 2007

With the epic spoken word intro narrating of far off lands and a journey with a great hero and his legacy, trying to mimic Christopher Lee, the listener is prepared for a grand power metal expedition Rhapsody style. After the intro leads into "Journey to the Unknown" which hails a majestic power metal style a la Rhapsody, Stratovarius, or Gamma Ray.

Vocals characterized as a typical power metal vocalist soaring over the double bass and speedy guitar riffs filling for an epic atmosphere much like you would find on Destiny-era Stratovarius. Even Antti Railio sounds a bit like Timo Tolkki with his slight accent overtaking the high-pitched vocals. When I hear Fire Against the Ice I am reminded of the faster parts of Destiny making it even more of a winner. The guitars are the best part of this demo, full of high-octane melody at blistering speeds sometimes shredding it up in some ways that would make Luca Turilli proud.

This is a solid power metal demo, before Celesty became a powerhouse power metal band from Finland. While certainly not as good as their later releases and full lengths, this is quite a decent slab of epic power metal that borders over into memorable and slightly higher than the mediocrity level. If you're a fan of Celesty, this is a must have and if you're a fan of power metal this is certainly a worthy addition, definitely for those of epic metal in the vein of Stratovarius or Rhapsody.