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Fast, Epic, Soaring, Fast, Fruity and Fast - 90%

OSheaman, July 10th, 2003

Celesty is one of those Power Metal bands that features a bunch of fruitcakes jumping around in tights on stage and blithering about The Gates of Lorkhan and the heroic battles along the Path of Mjornak up to the fires of Mount Doom . . . you get the idea. Real Dungeons & Dragons material. Fortunately, they can also play; thus, the very good Reign of Elements.

Reign of Elements consists of Celesty taking a bunch of basic melodies and playing a lot of guitar wankery around it, with the drummer pounding bloody hell in the background the whole time. Hey, if it works for Speed Metal . . .

In actuality, there is a lot of good material here. All the music is very epic and fantasy-based, with gliding major scales and vocals that define the word 'soaring'. The first real track on here is Charge, which is a high-speed heart-pumper with a lot of attitude and plenty of high notes. Revenge is a bit more mysterious in nature, inasmuch as really fast Power Metal can be mysterious. There is a lot of keyboard/piano work in here, making a very nice mix with the guitars and drums. Unfortunately, the double bass is almost nonexistent, which is a bit frustrating but does give the band a rather unique sound.

The closest comparison I can make soundwise would be Sonata Arctica. This band sounds very much like Sonata Arctica, with perhaps a little less variety (Celesty's songs tend to blend a little). Sometimes the fantasy-based ideals around which this album is based get a little out of hand: case in point is Reign of Elements (the song), where the band slows down in the middle so some epic, doom-sounding voice of the Dark Lord gloats over his release in prison while some pathetic guy pleads for his life, and death and destruction ensue . . . yadda yadda yadda, whatever. Go stuff a zucchini in your pants, guys.

Overall, though, this is good stuff. You may hate it, and you would have a point: this album appeals to a fairly specialized taste. It's worth listening to if you're a fan of Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Kamelot or Rhapsody (the lighter-sounding Power Metal). Give it a shot: you may surprise yourself. Just don't go wearing tights on me or anything.