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Above Average - 81%

KayTeeBee, November 20th, 2004

This album doesn't "stand out from the crowd", and it reminds me of DragonForce at times... but that's not necessarily a bad thing as said in another review. Yes, there are plenty of power metal bands that are being created lately, and yes, a lot of them are pretty boring, but this one is good.

Something these guys can do - and what some other bands can't do - is add amazing melodies to their songs. I don't give a fucking shit if it's been done a fucking trillion times before, in this sub-genre of metal it doesn't seem to get old.

Yes - everything is generic, from song structures to the cliched power chords.... but the melodies are just unique. Just listen to "Revenge" or "Reign Of Elements" and get ready to headbang FOREVER. Stand-out songs are the above-mentionned Revenge and Reign Of Elements, simply for containing great melodies and outstanding solos....

This whole album is very melodic and epic, one for every Power metal fan!