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This one is even better.... - 87%

KayTeeBee, November 21st, 2004

Out of all the Power metal releases this year, Celesty's Legacy of Hate has to be one of the best ones, but it's not as good as Manticora's 8 Deadly Sins (of course!). The vocals in this still contain as much energy as in their other release, the melodies are still as epic, everything is there to please the fans.

This also contains a bonus: The last 2 songs, which are 2 parts of Legacy of Hate, and they are both 10 minutes long... Yep, epic songs! These 2 songs prove what Celesty can achieve, both of the songs don't get repetitive at all, contains melodic riff, harsh vocals, clean vocals, amazing keyboard/guitar solos, they will undoubtably impress you.

The only little problem with this album is the fact that some songs are a bit too repetitive, and contain not enough riffage (Army of the Universe was pretty boring).
Nonetheless, this is a great album, and one of the best to be released in 2004!