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Chugging Stonerish Doom meets Melodic Doom - 98%

Plague, March 24th, 2008

This album is still one of my favorites to this day! I'm normally not one for the stoner tone in doom, but this is quite the exception. This album is filled with sorrowful moments mixed with pure chugging doom. This album is packed with a lot of lower spoken vocals and some louder intense ones every once in awhile... not too growly, but very deep and bassy.

There are a lot of bass lines heard throughout the entire album that really stand out to me... which is not very familiar when listening to doom like this. The violins add to the emotion and flow of the music and give it a nice touch between the heavier riffs and the melodies.

Stand out tracks have to be "Soft Embalmer of The Still Midnight" and "Decamerone" for me. I also enjoy the keyboards and change of vocals on the Ultravox cover of "Vienna." Makes the original seem dull.

Overall this album is still a great listen after over 12 years of time. If you enjoy melodic doom of any kind, I believe you will like this album.