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Celestial Pain - Hatred

Simple thrash, too noisy to be listenable. - 31%

Zodijackyl, May 30th, 2012

Celestial Pain play simple, fast, aggressive thrash metal with throaty, growled vocals that border on death metal. The riffing is fast and simple thrash riffing, it hardly varies from that other than a solo or two where there's some clarity and it leads with melodic lines. The drumming is mid-paced and rarely varies from a simple kick/snare pattern that's basically a slow blast. The vocals are evil, reverberated shouts/growls that are pushed to the point of becoming screaming/screeching at points.

It's hard to hear much beyond this because the production puts almost all of the sound in the treble range, and there's tons of noise. I don't think there's a lot to hear other than standard thrash riffs chugging the E string and sliding power chords up or down from an octave above. The crunchy guitars, high-pitched vocals, and cymbals all pretty much fall into the same dynamic range, which pretty much eliminates any clarity in the recording when they're all going at once.

This sounds like a much noisier version of Merciless' demos, though it lacks the charm. Despite drawing members from some prominent Swedish bands, and being formed while Unanimated waited for the release of their magnum opus "Ancient God of Evil", this demo is basically a low-effort one-off from a side project with terrible production. Not worth checking it out.