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Raw, Dirty & Fast - 79%

Sedomza, December 24th, 2012

Celestial Bloodshed is one of the few recommendable bands hailing from Norway. They not only demonstrated this with their superb debut and only full-lengther, “Cursed, Scarred, and Forever Possessed”, but also with various other records like their first demo, “Mitt Rike”, where the insanity found its origin.

Offering 4 songs with a total playing time under 15 minutes already adumbrate that there will be something fast and raw. From the first tone on, one won`t be disappointed. Like an explosion, opener “Another State of Mind” starts with riffing in the finest black`n`roll manner and furious, almost plunging drums. As on later records, Steingrim Torson, who joined the band later, was answerable for the vocals. On this demo the vocals are from Tiller who is also the drummer. The vocals are also a medium which affect to the aggressive songs and make them much more striking. Tiller's vocals are aggressive in every way; he is rasping his throat, stertorous and nagging. The best effect becomes apparent in the title track where his voice is combined with the raw and harsh Norwegian language.

The whole demo is a nervous and fast piece of black metal broken by some short atmospheric parts like in “Mitt Rike”, which reminds a bit of Koldbrann with spoken words in Norwegian, acoustic chords, and field recordings. The typical and special characteristics are the black`n`roll riffs and impulsive drums that are played like a warfare barrel one time and groovy the other time.

Overall, Celestial Bloodshed`s first output gives us 4 very complex and varied compositions with quick breaks and passages. Indeed, it's a pity that they didn`t choose the Norwegian speech for all the songs. The harshness of their mother tongue would add a much more aggressive attitude, but no offense, “Mitt Rike” is a great publication of Norwegian black metal and are one of the dignified bands from Scandinavia. And the packaging and presentation of the self-released demo is special as fuck anyway.