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Well Worth the Trouble of Finding - 90%

Angelcide, May 8th, 2005

This is definately one of the best black metal demos I've ever heard. Despite it being a demo, it has the perfect sound for those into raw production. Vocals, Guitars, Bass, and Drums are all auidble and sounding great. If you live by words like "Kvlt" and "Tr00" you'll love this, and even if you have the slightest taste for raw black metal (such as Mayhem's "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas") you'll be into this one too.

The band delivers a very solid performance, the instruments all compliment each other very well. There is never a dull moment on this CD, it seems like every riff just kicks fucking ass. The music is dark, depressing, and evil... pure evil, exactly how black metal was meant to be played. All the musicians sure as hell know what they're doing, and they all exceed at what they do. The vocals are perfect for the music, their sicking gutpuking is sure to make any squimesh listener cringe in disgust. The drums are fast, plenty of blast beats, drumrolls, and double bass, none of which are ever out of place. And unlike most raw black metal (especially demos) you can here the bass! And the bass on "Dead Insecta Sequestration" is definately worth hearing, sometimes even providing awesome melodys under the guitar playing. But the best part of this cd lies in the guitar playing, like I said, every riffs is just awesome, dark gloomy, sad, just fuckin great.. It's full of melodic speed picking, depressing broken down minor cords, everything that makes raw black metal worth a listen... and so much more. There are also lots of 2-part guitar melodies which are very well layered, and once again compliment each other very well.

There is not one weak song on the album. All four originals are nothing short of amazing, and the Burzum cover does much justice to the original. If you get your hands on this, you'll never put it down, so it's definately very rewarding despite how hard it may be to find.