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Celeste > Misanthrope(s) > Reviews > Nokturnal_Wrath
Celeste - Misanthrope(s)

Highly Intense Sludge Epoch(s) - 88%

Nokturnal_Wrath, September 25th, 2013

Misanthrope(s) is a heavy album, unbelievably heavy. Everything about this album is as gruelling and painful as unimaginably possible. The vocals are vicious and spat out at rage, the guitar tone is brutal and the riffs are sludgy, dirty and brutal to the highest possible extreme. The tempo remains at a constant slow to mid pace throughout the album drawing out the intensity.

It really is hard to describe how brutal this album is but I shall try. The guitar tone is a massively dense wall of sound that chokes all hope out of the listener, there's no waiting for the damage to come as the album starts off on a high level of intensity that doesn't stop until the album finishes. The vocals lurch out of the blackness like a tortured soul, they're powerful and aggressive and sound like a guy who is royally pissed off at everything. The vocals take the form of the hardcore shouting and despite personally not being a fan of this particular form of vocalisation it works well in conjunction with the music. The main problem with the vocals is that they are monotonous throughout, the tone or pitch never changes and the same agonizing yelling is kept consistent throughout. The vocals do suit the music but I can't help but feel that a few growls or higher shrieks would have worked well.

Amazingly this album is ridiculously groovy, despite containing some of the most sick and twisted riffs ever concocted you can't deny that the rhythm section is danceable. If this album wasn't smashing you round the head with layers upon layers of dense sludge then Misanthrope(s) could easily be a fun party metal album.

"Toucher ce vide béant attise ma fascination" is the most intense song on the album starting with a vicious blackened riff mixed with a vile and rancid sludge approach this song just oozes filth and brutality. This is easily the highlight of the album being the track that best shows the unrelenting approach of these French man. The tempo ranges from the fast (ish) intro to a slower more grueling sludgy center. The slow sections feel agonizingly drawn out and the fast sections take the listener by the throat immediately inflicting damage.

The overall sound to this album is ferocious and twisted but despite this the production is really clean. The instruments are given much clarity and everything can be heard clearly. The bass creates a thick grimy undercurrent of sludge whilst the guitars succeed in creating a brutal overlay. The vocals succeed in bringing the pain with agonized barking and the drums pummel on at the same rate of the guitars. If the production was muddier then this album would be nowhere near as intense as it currently is. Misanthrope(s) is an album that succeeds with clean production and I wouldn't want it any other way. If you're looking for brutal and abrasive music then Misanthrope(s) would easily satisfy your needs. Containing a densely layered sludge approach the post hardcore elements will ensure their appeal goes beyond the standard sludge crowd. This album may feel samey throughout but I highly recommend to take this in as a single brutal experience. Definitely worth checking out.