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Heavy, cavernous funeral death/doom - 98%

SLlMER, September 12th, 2018

Fuck. This crushes. Hard. I am extremely pleased with this Cavurn demo. In a lot of ways this exemplifies the perfect 20 minute long rehearsal demo. I swear it sounds like this Cavurn demo was put here onto the earth from the pits of hell by dark forces. Lets take a closer look at this three song demo by this death/doom band.

If you're a fan of Wormphlegm, Tyranny, Hell, or Disma you will surely find plenty to enjoy about this demo. When the first droning chords of the first song on this demo creeped-out of the speakers I thought this was going to be an entirely sludge affair, but was pleasantly surprised to find instead a very funeral death/doom kind of sound to this bands music. These guys occasionally have these terrifying parts where there is the most perfectly reverberated/delayed-echo effect put on the higher-pitched vocals that sound like some hopelessly lost soul who's condemned to wander aimlessly around some godforsaken cavern is screaming out in fear and hysteria. I don't know how they did that exactly, but its perfect. It sounds like old Evoken on a bad acid trip, or something similar. This demo has real genuine 'character' like most bands three song demos would never dream of being able to possess. This is bleak, dismal, and morose as a fucking nightmare in its raw atmosphere. This is Negativity in the most beautiful shape and form imaginable.

So, there are those occasional higher screaming vocals with heavy reverb and delay, but for the most part this is played in the classic and traditional funeral-doom manner. Slower, kind of plodding and megalithic heavy drums over slow, crushing, downtuned doom riffs and low, growly funeral doom vocals. So, you might be wondering what it is exactly that I find special, or exceptional about this demo that has not already been done a thousand times by other death/doom bands? I don't know, the answer is not simple or very definable really. Its more the subtle things that can't really be explained. There is actually a lot of variety in tempo on this demo, its not just strictly super-slow and doomy all the time. They do pick up the pace at points almost to a death metal kind of pace. Also, the particular feeling that this evokes.. it's just something unusual and special in my opinion. The overall sound/production is very good for a rehearsal demo and has a lot of unique qualities that make this stand out to me among the hundreds or thousands of other hordes doing something similar.

If this was really all performed straight through and tracked with just a few mics thrown up (as a rehearsal demo typically would be) then its an extremely impressive jam session. I feel like this was probably multi-tracked in a makeshift home studio like an EP would be and just called a 'rehearsal' demo, but who knows? I don't know, and I don't really give a fuck, all I know for sure is that this is one heavy and highly impressive fucking demo. I want to meet this evil band someday.

Recommended for those into: Wormphlegm, Arizmenda, Thergothon, Disma, Hell, Evoken, Anhedonist, Tyranny, Shape of Despair.

-written by Slime Lord