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Welcome back brothers - 90%

morbert, March 25th, 2008

People who have been following Max and Soulfly have been aware a few years now that the amount of thrash (and fast music in general) has been increasing on the last two Soulfly albums Prophecy and Dark Ages. For those people this Cavalera Conspiracy album isn’t that much of a surprise. Those who left Sepultura behind around Roots and never checked Soulfly but heard some songs now and then, are in for a surprise.

‘Inflikted’ is the ultimate blend between the last two Soulfly albums and Sepultura during the ‘Arise’ period. There is absolutely nothing new to be found here and no one really complains about this so far. The pressence of Soulfly guitarist Marc Rizzo gives the music an extra dimension since his leads obviously give the music a Soufly feeling at times but he does more than that and some of his leads even bring Marty Friedman and Chuck Schuldiner to mind! His work keeps lesser good songs like “Hearts of Darkness” alive.

The titletrack ‘Inflikted’, as we all remember, was written originally as a new Soulfly track and as such it does sound like a Soulfly song. The uptempo part with solo is simply mindblowing and Marc Rizzo shows he can really shred and write a melodic and memorable lead at the same time. People who claim to hate Soulfly but say they like this song, are clearly hyprocrites. This song is just as good as the opening tracks on previous regular Soulfly albums. Semi-thrasher “Bloodbrawl” also could have come straight from Soulfly’s earlier Dark Ages album and the second half of this song (the leads and clean outro) is simply beautiful!

Songs such as “Sanctuary” are a return to the days of ‘Arise’ with a touch of modern Soulfly leads, solos and accompanying sounds. Überthrasher “Hex” even goes further and the riffs here are more technical than everything Soulfly and Sepultura have ever done before. “Nevertrust” mixes punk with thrash and features briliant work on leads by Rizzo. On “Terrorize” the mix between later Soulfly and Arise-era Sepultura becomes the most obvious. Superb song!

The intro and large sections of ‘Dark Ark’ could have come straight from Chaos A.D. I must however deduct some points because of the Celtic Frost/Hellhammer plagiarism on “Ultra-Violent” (which incidentally also is one of the worst songs on the album expect for the faster parts). Also the vocals on “The Doom Of All Fires” could have been better and more powerful. The rest of this midpaced song however is pretty good pounding thrash metal though and the up tempo part at the end is more Sepultura than Sepultura have been since ‘93.

The album could even have been better and one knows this ‘project’ was written and recorded quite fast. There could have been more faster songs on here so there would have been a better balance. Unfortunately the album slowly dies at the end with lesser good songs such as “Hearts of Darkness” and “Must Kill”. So even though I really love this album I know they can do even better. Of course I hope they will do so on the next album and therefor I cannot give more than 90 points.

Stand outs: Sanctuary, Terrorize, Hex, Bloodbrawl, Nevertrust