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The best "new" band in at least 10 years! - 80%

Wacke, April 16th, 2008

I don't know exactly what to say about this album. I've heard better but I gotta say that this "new" band is the best band to come out in the last 10 years. "Inflikted" as an album ain't bad at all either. It's pretty damn good actually, also one of the better so far since the 2000s took off. Simply said, this is the legendary brothers and former Sepultura memebers Max and Igor Cavalera's new project and it's really great compared to todays metal scene.

"Inflikted" starts off with a self-titled track and it sure is a killer, one of the best here as well. It's driven by an insane gutiar riff and Max insane growl. "Sanctuary" was the song that made me check out these guys and it's maybe the best metal song since Dismember's "Casket Garden" (1995!). It goes off with a weird Star Wars-alike sound and then just "bang!" and the hell's all loose. "Terrorize" and "Black Ark" is the first defenitive proofs of this albums groove metal influence as both of them has a touch of Brazilian jungle music or whatever. The rest of the album goes off pretty nice but too average compared to the first four tracks but the last song "Must Kill" is a heavy metal monster. There's one edition which features two bonus tracks, "The Exorcist" which also is pretty average and the awesome killer "In Conspiracy".

The production is great, sound a lot like Machine Head since it's their classic guitarist Logan Mader who's in co-producing with Max on this album. I've always thought that the early Machine Head and Pantera sounded a lot like how "kick-ass metal" was supposed to. This album also got some of those touches which makes it one of the better albums recently released.

The cast is surprisingly good. You can literally hear that Max and Igor have a passion of playing together and that it has been a long time coming since they did that. The lead guitarist and the basist are great musicians as well. Everything's sounds simply great on the bass parts and there are a couple of insane guitar solos that I just totally love. Max has once again made a couple of immortal metal riffs that you'll remember for days after listening to this. Igor's drumming has since the early Sepultura days grown to something that no other human could recreate.

So finally to my last comments on "Inflikted"....

There are both good and bad things with this album, I can start with the bad.

The bad things are not many but some tracks in the middle are a little too average compared to the rest which makes it all a little like a roller caster.

The good things is that something like this was created in days like these. I've not heard many great albums that have been released after 1995/96 or so and that makes this album particulary good for todays scene.

The best tunes here is: Sanctuary, Inflikted, Must Kill, Ultra-Violent and if you have the bonus tracks edition then you can count on "In Conspiracy" as well.

This album is defenitely worth checking out and I recommend it because it's great and I don't count on hearing much of this in the future either...