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I expected something different and it let me down - 57%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 25th, 2008

Let’s get straight to the point: 80% of Sepultura group were the Cavalera brothers and their split was terribly painful. Since that day, Sepultura would not have been the same again. They went groove and sometimes too metalcore. The reunion was rumoured when Igor left definitely the historical band to join again the brother and play new music together once again. This fact was quite “epochal” in the metal scene and everybody was terribly curious about this new project and I was too.

So here I am, curious like a child when it’s Christmas day. The distorted guitars intro is quite odd and reminds me Chaos A.D. period and the following semi mid paced riff is nice but the use of some keys sound already bothers me a bit. The Oriental melodies in the guitars are something very strange and in general the atmosphere is quite gloom. Max’s vocals are always powerful as 15 years ago while the Igor way of playing here is a bit martial so it’s hard to describe.

The guitars riffs are hardcore worshipper and mostly influenced by Soulfly period with some paused chords. The production is clean and also for this, the riffs sound a bit sloppy and a bit suffocated by the rhythmic session. The patterns on “Black Ark” are typically hardcore/groove with tribal influences. Anyway, so far this album sounds better than Roots…definitely more metal oriented. Anyway what I dislike is the use of keys sound and the paused chords parts.

“Sanctuary” is definitely more metal with good up tempos and more thrash metal sounds. The peaks of the past are difficult to reach again but this song is enjoyable and truly violent. The riffage here is far better. Quite forgettable the mid paced, groove tempos on these songs; only the few up tempos are quite better. Hard to stand a metalcore song like “Ultra-Violent” that seems to come out from Against album.

“Hex” is surprisingly fast as hell with a punk oriented beginning and following thrash metal tempos and guitars riff. Here Igor does a really great job while the vocals are truly extreme. One of the best songs here. The other songs are constantly in balance between hardcore/groove semi mid paced tempos with speed restarts by the end(“The Doom Off All Fires”, “Hearts Of Darkness”) and total up tempos (“Nevertrust”).

Well, what else can be said? This album could have been perfect in the period between Chaos A.D. and Roots and, exception made for few songs, it is mostly groove metal. I expected something really different but those are 2008 Cavalera brothers and now it’s your choice but don’t expect another Arise, for example.