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Where are the classics? - 79%

Rotting_Christ_Mike, April 26th, 2011

Naturally, every metalhead got excited when they learned that the Cavalera brothers would start making music together again. Everyone was anxious to listen to some music done by them, and some were hoping that they would reach the same levels of perfection that they reached when they were in Sepultura. Naturally (again) many were disappointed; others were satisfied; some even loved it. When a couple of months past after the release of "Inflikted" and I had listened to it a billion times, memorized every single note, i was left begging for more. Finally my prayers have been answered and here it is, more music from the Cavalera brothers. The question is, is it good? Does it satisfy my needs?

Yes, but no. It depends on what your point of view is. I am satisfied for now, sort of temporarily. But there is nothing here that my ears will be begging to listen to again, a million times. It's not the most memorable piece of music these men have offered us thus far. It lacks long-term classics because every song sounds kinda over-produced. Choppy choruses and the whammy bar effect on every guitar solo is getting old. The songs on the album are brutal, but where is the grinding and pounding found on "Arise" or "Beneath The Remains"? I agree that every band has to progress and refine their own sound, but there is no variety in the new stuff. Where are the shotgun snares? Where are the groove breakdowns? Unfortunately every song sound quite the same, or really similar, particularly in the structure. Where is the individuality found on "Roots"?

In the end of the day though, Max and Igor are still the best brother tandem in metal so no matter what the band is, that's a fact. I wish they would have used a different lead guitarist on this album; Rizzo's leads are the reason Cavalera Conspiracy reminds me so much of Soulfly. If they had used a more raw-styled guitarist instead of a finesse player like Rizzo i think it would have been more complimentary to the aggressiveness of the songs on this album.

Overall this is a really solid release and an enjoyable listen that is really headbangable. The problem is that not many tracks stand out and there is not much variation. The album is not really benefited by the really high-profile production and recording, as it reduces the raw feeling.

Highlight(s); "Killing Inside".