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Causam > Doomsday Rapture > Reviews > Edmund Sackbauer
Causam - Doomsday Rapture

Causam - Doomsday Rapture - 92%

Edmund Sackbauer, February 22nd, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Independent (Digipak)

The Swiss scene has produced an impressive amount of quality music over the past few years, having put this small country on the metal world map. One of the most recent entries comes from this new act called Causam. Consisting of five black metal aficionados they have entered the stage with their debut full length “Doomsday Rapture”. This album is fairly impressive stuff and listening to it without knowing that these are newcomers you would be taken by surprise, as the maturity level is high by all accounts. In fact we are talking about an early 2021 highlight here.

The drums are one of the driving forces of Causam, with plenty of running kicks, ride tings, cymbal splashes, fills, and pattern changes fueling the energy of the guitars. That being said the main star might be the cool guitar work, that is responsible for some highly enjoyable moments. The music has a little bit of everything, from classic black metal riffs to slightly shoegaze/post-rock like guitar work. The blast beats that manage their way into the mix create a perfect balance between what’s extreme and what is melodic and atmospheric. Every single track from this record has a melody and harmonies that you will have in your head all day long. The combination of tight riffs with tight drumming and beautiful melodies made by the guitars is something that comes out in a special way here.

If you are looking for something completely new you might have come to the wrong place. Causam are fans of the traditional roots of the genre, but while they have no problem in wearing their influences with pride they have managed to put their own identification stamp on the music. What this album may lack in musical innovation it more than makes up for in sheer, bloody-minded intensity and evil, malevolent melody, all of which makes this band more than capable of leaving their mark. In a way this album is an uncomplicated listen, with the main focus on high-voltage riffs, hellishly catchy chords and epic harmonies, all designed to get your blood pumping and your mind drifting away. In my personal opinion this is what I am looking for when listening to black metal, and in case you think in a similar way you need to give this one a listen.

The relentless tremolo attacks are hitting with full force, but it becomes immediately evident that melody and atmosphere play similarly important roles for the band. The main ingredients are sinister black metal chords, accompanied by the typically fierce drum patterns, but at the same time Causam have a great feeling of weaving some intricate harmonies into the overall soundscape, giving the songs an atmospheric feeling while never getting too soft. Check out the outstanding main themes of “Beauty of Decay” to see what I am on about. The snarling voice of singer Grievas is the icing on the cake, perfectly slotting in and completing the overall picture.

The production is perfect in my books, with the album being exactly how I personally like black metal to sound. Clear and powerful, not too sterile or compressed, diversified yet brutal, with enough room for the lead guitars to work their magic. The cover artwork is great as well, with the physical edition coming as nice looking digipack. Causam are without a doubt a band with a bright future and I expect them to make some waves with future releases, so do not sleep on them!