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Into the Cauldron- Heavy, Fast, Amazing - 100%

stallan, October 1st, 2014

From the ashes of Goat Horn rose Cauldron, and Into the Cauldron captures some of the aggression and heaviness of the former band while also showcasing a more melodic side. Every song on here is killer and this EP often ranks as the band’s strongest material.

The Striker Strikes starts things off with speed, heaviness, and solid riffs. This is a really kick ass opener and flows nicely into the title track. Into the Cauldron's main riff and chorus are really catchy (but in a heavy way) and will stick with you. It features a cool fade out section. I really love Jason Decay’s growled delivery of the lyrics. Restless is a more melodic offering. The song has a mid paced mid riff/overall feel and a catchy chorus. Yet at the same time it retains the style that runs throughout the EP. Torture’s Too Kind is my favourite Cauldron track and is in my opinion the strongest song on here. This song just oozes heaviness and aggression. The riffs, the vocals, the drumming, really just everything clicks on this one. This one gives me goose bumps every time. I cannot express how much I want to see this song live. Jason’s vocals get damn near death metal in a couple parts and it blows my mind how awesome they sound. The version I have ends with Axe Cross, a song that starts with a fuzzy, badass bass riff and continues to rage until the song grinds down at the end.

The production on this EP is huge. I love the tone of all the instruments and everything is mixed nicely. Everything sounds full and heavy. I love the bass’ presence. Even though they are a three piece, it is still nice to see that the bass is brought up to a good level. The tone is killer as well. The guitar has a dark and heavy tone to it. The drums have a good sound, the toms in particular.

I love the performances from everyone here. As mentioned, Jason gives great vocal performances, not just on the aggressive stuff, but also in his clean singing. His falsetto scream at the end of The Striker Strikes is just epic. Ian Chains is a very talented guitar player. His riffs are razor sharp and his soloing is top notch. Al Chambers gives a very solid drum performance.

I really hold this EP in high regard as the dark, heavy style that this and Chained to the Nite showcase is done so well and has such an amazing feel. This sound was to be traded in for a more melodic and traditional heavy metal sound on the later releases Burning Fortune and Tomorrow’s Lost. As great as those albums are, to me they just don't compare to this and the debut album. These five songs just fill you with energy, make you want to headbang and sing along at the top of your lungs at a show. I cannot recommend this record enough.

Excellent debut - 85%

Vallomas, April 4th, 2008

Hailing from Canada, Cauldron were one of many many bands to debut in 2007. Created by guitarist/bassist Jason Decay and drummer Steel Rider (of the now defunct thrashers Goat Horn who left behind a legacy of two full lengths and an EP) and with the contribution of guitarist Ian "Kilapatrick" Jones, Cauldron manage to stand out from their peers due to this EP they've put out at the beginning of the last year.

I'll admit I wasn't aware of their previous band so I can't express on opinion about their musical likeness. Cauldron however, play exactly the sort of metal I enjoy. Traditionally inclined, with a heavy NWOBHM lean and the distinctive voice of Decay being their notable features. This EP is too brief to let us draw concrete conclusions, but all four of the contained tracks are both notable and well-crafted. Especially "Into The Cauldron" kicks all kinds of ass but also the mid-tempo "Restless" stands out due to the excellent guitar work. The production is well-done, although this is a self-released album.

Obviously it's too early to tell what the future holds for Cauldron. The start has been good, to say the least, and we expect much from them. "Into the Cauldron" has shaken the waters in the underground circuit to the point where New Iron Age Records rereleased it recently in vinyl form with two extra songs. Let's hope they keep this up.

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