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What A Shredder, Dang!!! - 100%

kgerych1995, July 27th, 2011


This is the second album by Canadian metal band “Cauldron”, and I must say that it is a personal favorite of mine now. You see, this all started over a fight with a guy on YouTube. I was told, upon recommendation by a friend, to check out the track “I Confess” off this LP. I had already known the track because my dad used to work for Halloween (the original performers of the track), but I do say that I was not immediately hooked on “Cauldron”. I even said that they butchered this song. What a fool I was to even say that. After a few weeks of bickering back and forth, I decided to look at another song called “Chained Up in Chains” from the first “Cauldron” LP. I was blown away by it. It was so dynamic and yet so heavy. Ian Chains did not waste any time with any technical mumbo jumbo, he just shredded it out. I then decided to check out the music video to the opening track from “Burning Fortune”, “All or Nothing”. Again, 4 minutes of straight forward METAL IN YOUR FACE! The riff is so simple, but yet Ian brought it out and made it into a classic masterpiece in my book. Jason Decay’s vocals, while some may say that they suck, I think that they are stunning on the entire disc. Chris Steve does an amazing job on the drumming, it just adds that punch to the track to blow you away.

The Next few tracks are equally as stunning. “Miss You to Death” is somewhat of a metal song with power ballad style lyrics. But the music, again, is so simple, but Ian just adds that touch to just rip it up. “Frozen in Fire” has more of a complicated guitar part. It starts out with a gallop pace, but when it kicks in full speed, it has a clean guitar line, paired with the distorted line. But once the lyrics kick in, the cleanness is lost and it turns into a gritty thrasher. “Tears Have Come” is personally the weakest track on the LP. It is more of a slowed down tune with emotional lyrics. It kicks ass, but just not as much as the rest of the album. “I Confess” is a cover of a song by a band that has been a personal favorite of mine since 1998 or so, it is HALLOWEEN, from Detroit (Not to be confused with Helloween from Germany. 2 Different bands entirely). I was not really impressed by it when I first heard it, but now it is very tolerable. I like how they put that modern touch on a song that was written back in 1989! “Rapid City/ Unchained Assault” is personally the best track by “Cauldron”. It is a song about touring and the road according to Jason Decay. But whatever it is about, IT IS MINDBLOWING!!! Especially the solo at the end, which I stared at the record player in awe as I listened to the solo. My jaw was on its way to the floor within the first few notes of the solo.

The remainder of the album is equally as solid. “Queen of Fire” is an awesome track with some amazing riff work. The album closes out with the solid “Taken by Desire” which is a good way to close out such a heavy album. My one complaint with the LP is the production. Holy crap is the mix muddy. The drums seem somewhat muffled and the rest of the mix is a bit fuzzy. But oh well, that is an invalid reason to complain about such a killer album. K.G