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Aiming too high! - 65%

Thorgrim666, March 29th, 2012

A riff almost copied from Accept's "Breaker" marks the start of Cauldron's sophomore album, "Burning Fortune". When I heard this opening for "All or Nothing" as a teaser of this record months before its release, I really thought that this second effort was going to widely surpass the averageness of Cauldron's debut, "Chained to the Night", and sometimes it does, but the album never starts to take off. For example, the sound is more adequate than in the debut, tending to have an organic and untriggered production (done by Jameson Elliot), but it leaves a slight sense of amateurism. Then there are the songs. Although having good moments here and there, they seem without punch, going for easy choruses, but without anything memorable. They pass around without being annoying, but you won't get hooked on them. In fact, the opening "All or Nothing" (with some guest vocals by Olof Wikstrand from Enforcer), the fast "Rapid City/Unchained Assault", and the cover of Halloween's "I Confess" would be the standout tracks, and if a cover stands beyond the rest of your songs, you have a problem. Another flaw would be Jason Decay's vocals. There's nothing wrong with them and at least they follow the music with correction, but that's it, so if they want to take things to the next level, I think they should better find someone else to sing. Overall, it's not a bad album, just correct, so you'd better don't trust the "real" media when they enthrone these guys as new heroes of traditional heavy metal.

Originally written for Ample Destruction 'zine.