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Typical typical typical - 45%

silver_monkey, February 20th, 2007

All of my friends rant and rave about this band, so I wanted to check out why. After listening to their first release, "To Serve Man", I still have no idea why.

I'll start off by saying that this in no way is groundbreaking or special. It's standard death/grind. If your're a fan of stuff along the lines of Napalm Death, Necrophagist, or other similar bands, you may enjoy this as well.

The music is not interesting at all, the drums especially. It's almost as if they were using a drum machine to record with because they utilize the exact same drum beat in almost every single song. A couple of variations here and there but it always goes back to that standard boring blast beat. The guitar and bass work are equally nothing special. The boring drums seem to take the forefront here.

The vocals also show no variation what so ever. The typical gurgling death growl is on display for the entire course of the album. Lyric-wise, once again typical typical typical gorey lyrics about dead people and/or killing and eating them and others.

The one song on here that is slighty better then the rest is the last track, Chunk Blower. It starts off with a sinister riff and the vocals actually go from gutteral death growls to a slighty higher pitched death growl. But one song alone cannot possibly save a whole aldum of blandness.

Overall, this album is very boring standard stuff. If you don't like to be entertained or even interested while listening to your music, then this is the album for you!