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Insanity - 85%

purerockfury, September 21st, 2003

the San Diego gore manifesto that is Cattle Decapitation have finally made it to the metal masses with their Metal Blade Debut "to serve man" Combining elements of text book death metal with gore/gring along with old school thrash, these mad men have brought forth an album worthy of any true metal head. If any of you know the band from previous records (Homovore and Human Jerky, both albums are definetally worth checking out), this album is a huge step for the band. They continued to bring distrubing images of disturbing anatomy and disease, but extend their song from >60 second head rush 3 minute masterpieces. Any fan of carcass and cannibal corpse will not deny the greatness of Cattle Decapitation. This is a huge step for the band and it only gets better from here. if you are looking for something fast, brutal and full of gore, this is the album for you. Beware Cannibal Corpse (along with Exhumed and Impaled, Cattle Decapitation is coming your way.