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Averagest of the average - 67%

Spawnhorde, April 18th, 2004

What we have here are 13 tracks of crazy deathgrind. Nothing innovative at all, and not seeming to be the innovative type, Cattle Decapitation apparently strived to create a masterpiece and ended up making one of the most mediocre CDs I have in my collection. The drum beat is a constant blastbeat, most of the time, broken up only slightly by some "O.K." fills and some alright galloping-style passages. It's just that blastbeat that gets to me the most out of almost everything on the album. It's like no blast I've ever heard, it's just...annoying. They could have done this nearly instantly with a drum machine, but, appallingly, they have a human drummer. Some of the tracks harbor really good riffs, but most are just obtrusive and not special at all. The solos are mostly uninspired with the occasional "good thing that doesn't last long" solo thrown in for good/bad measure. Listening to this album in one go is almost mind-blowingly dull. This is a prime example of an album that is pretty alright to listen to IN PIECES. Listening to it all in a row will make you want to kill yourself because of the generic beats and overall similarity of the songs. I also hate the dual vocals. I realize that they're trying to sound good, and trying really hard, but sometimes trying too hard is a bad thing. The album also suffers from incredible overproduction syndrome. To Serve Man's production is IMMACULATE compared to most deathgrind out there currently, and it's not a good thing at all. Everything is too evenly spaced and sounds 2-dimensional. Put the drums back in the mix and bring out the bass and guitar more and I'll THINK about giving them a 75 or so, but otherwise this isn't worth your time. Go get Exhumed's Anatomy Is Destiny instead.