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if you like cannibal corpse you'll like this album - 74%

Shadow0fDeath, May 28th, 2004

While this album i consider mediocre i still really enjoy listening to it. It reminds me especially of Cannibal Corpse who i really enjoy myself. San Diego's Cattle Decapitation has pulled off a good album with this work and i can't wait to check out the next one. I actually like blast beat drumming, works best on this. you wouldn't want say Jazz drumming or latin percussion in a goregrind album would you? No didn't think so.

The guitarist is pretty talented to play at the speeds they play at. And must have a good memory, on this album the songs go through at least 10-20 different riffs. Changing every 10-30 seconds in each 3 minute song. Also the solos in a few of their songs get your attention, especially if it blurs out because it can be somewhat generic.

I'll admit like others the album can get generic but give it a few good listens and it's actually a pretty good goregrind album. The guitarist and vocalist get the most credit for the greatness of this album though. While those fast speeds are going on in drum and guitar land the vocalist lets out some of the most br00tal vokills i've heard. Also he sounds like two vocalists going at once in some parts. No vocals effects are used on this album. But i'm not sure if he tracks 2 vocals or what, oh well. Overall good album.

Notable songs: Testicular manslaughter, Everyone deserves to die, i eat your skin, to serve man, pedeadstrians