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Insane! - 76%

KRISIUN69filth, September 20th, 2003

Well, This is the debut album from the California foursome, Cattle Decapitation. The basic concept behind Cattle Decapitation is a fairly simple and overused one in the goregrind genre. Non - stop blasting of double bass drums with no really purpose other than sounding like garbage cans being pummeled with drum sticks. Although, David Aster blasts away constantly there are a few drum rolls and moments like in Track 3 "Writhe In Putressence," where the blasting occasionally stops.

As for the over all songs, they all sound exactly the same. 2 and a half minute blasting songs with, in my own opinion, the worst growling vocalist out there. Travis Ryan just sounds like he breathes really heavy into the microphone, and always in the back round of each song there's some screechy, annoying, and stupid black metalish yells. As for Travis' lyric writing ability, he gets an A+. Gore filled romps about eating dead people, Killing Pedestrians, and cutting off the testicles of a rapist in the greatest song on this album, Testicular Manslaughter.

The bass guitar played by Troy Oftedal is barely even recognizable, and gets lost in the shuffle behind the growling vocals, blasting drums, and the best part of Cattle Decapitation, the guitar playing of Josh Elmore. Josh needs to be in a band that will better his showcasing of terrific guitar work. The guitar first guitar riff of the song "To serve man" and the two separate guitar solos at the 2:15 point of the title track, show just how talented he can be if given a better opportunity.

All in all, Cattle Decapitation puts up 13 song of blasting goregrind, but in a few songs decent musicians come out and showcase how talented the can be.

Highlights of this album:

Track 7: To Serve Man
Track 1: Testicular Manslaughter