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A big disappointment. - 10%

DeathDragon, December 3rd, 2003

I just don't get the attraction to this band. These guys can play quite well, but their song writing skills are extremely bad. Each song on here sounds pretty much the same, with no progression or development what-so-ever. And that's the real dissappointment, because this band sounds like they could be really good. Each song is like a bunch of bland riffs strung together in an intentionally bad order.

The production is also quite bad. It is very clear, dry, and unorganized as though they recorded all the tracks digitally and made no attempt to produce or mix them at all. The drums sound like a drum machine, even though this band has a drummer. The vocals are horrible. Sounds like a group of pigs and monkeys grunting into the mics. And they're way over dominating compared to the rest of the music. Not a good sound at all.

This is the kinda stuff that gives goregrind a bad name. What a waste of $16 this disc was. Avoid it and you'll be fine.