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Near Perfect - 92%

Sharkbait, January 10th, 2008

Karma.Bloody.Karma isn’t as good as Humanure...but it is damn close! This album is great for many reasons. It is fast, brutal, and technical. It resurrects the old Cattle Decapitation sound, and redefines it on this new album. The songs are overall heavier and faster.

There are two shorter songs that bring back the older Cattle Decapitation sound and style. They are under two minutes long, but they are powerful and will not let down. Travis Ryan never fails to deliver. The vocals are excellent on this album. They aren’t the typical grind vocals where are all you hear is ‘Breee! Breee!’ and some random gargles. They are a steady middle tone for the most part, soaring into a high scream at times. The guitar work is good on this album. There are more breakdowns than there was in Humanure, which is a good thing. For, breakdowns make a song more likable. Bereavement stands out as the song with the best breakdown in it. It is something you could break your neck to, if you bang your head too hard.
Unintelligent Design is the second song on the album, and is probably the best. It starts out in a very traditional death metal way. About a minute into the song, it goes into a more melodic side of Cattle Decapitation. It’s a nice change. The songs have more of a melody to them than the typical Cattle Decapitation song. The guitar is more technical than past albums, too. It reminds me of the band Aborted at times. The sound quality of KBK is far better than any other Cattle Decapitation release. No death metal album is great without an excellent album cover that represents what you’re buying. This one is beyond perfect for this album.

Vocals: 90%
Guitar: 90%
Songs: 95%
Overall: 92%

Songs that stick out are:
Unintelligent Design , Bereavement, and The New Dawn.