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Hate Humanity, Love this Album. - 92%

Misanthrophagist, January 18th, 2008

I have had random run-ins with goregrind and just the grindcore genre in general. Its generally not my typically cup of tea and really only listen to it when it collides with death metal. I've listened to old school Carcass, Gorerotted, Napalm Death, and Circle of Dead Children repeatedly with the listening sessions last a day or two before I get bored. I respect the style and in the infrequent times I listen to it I enjoy it. Cattle Decapitation has opened my ears to goregrind.

Granted Karma.Bloody.Karma (KBK) has a greater brutal death/tech death tone than Humanure and To Serve Man, but the lyrics and general aesthetic of the band is still goregrind. Everything on KBK is solid, the production clear enough for definition but gritty enough to not forget its death/goregrind. The drumming of David McGraw is insane, even to note when I saw them recently the crowd called for a drum solo. The guitars have a furious, faster sound to them not present on Humanure which makes it all the more brutal. My favorite thing about KBK is Travis Ryan's vocals. From the howling roar he does in the earlier seconds of "Unintelligent Design" you know right off that this guy is a beast. His growls and occasional screeches are on point and are perfect for their lyrical content and atmosphere.

What has drawn me to Cattle Decapitation is their lyrics and just sheer anti-human demeanor. I, personally, have a great deal of misanthropic qualities and I enjoy music that shares this sentiment. While I'm not a vegetarian, a fact that sometimes overshadows Cattle Decapitation's music, I can fully enjoy their hatred for the human race.

Karma.Bloody.Karma is one of Cattle Decapitation's most solid releases, on par with the seminal Humanure. A masterpiece of death/goregrind, I highly recommend to those who like misanthropic sonic carnage.