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Absolutely doesn't make any sense - 10%

Cuntaminated, June 19th, 2007

My goodness is this some horrible and poorly delivered death metal. The bands sound hasn’t changed that much prior to their last two albums, but the gore-ish vocals and guitar solos were totally abandoned here. The only guitar solo that I recall hearing (or that at least was memorable) was on track ‘Total Gore?’ at the very end. But the vocals on this album are absolutely fucking boring – utilizing a range of timid growls w/pussy high shrieks that completely lack balls! But the real disaster of this album occurs when the band decides to unite the highs and the lows way too frequently, and this is found in all eleven tracks (excluding the outro track ‘Of Human Pride & Flatulence’). The high shrieks can get so annoying and unbearably irritating as well... just go forward to track ‘The New Dawn’.

This album is a disaster from start to finish, but this primarily applies to the first half of the album, starting with annoying and pointless displays of “technical” riffing which absolutely fails to make a tenacious first impression like its suppose to. Everything seriously sounds out of place and disjointed, even the drumming sounds phony and soulless. The riffing completely sounds like it’s out of place – so you’re pretty much treated with full guitar wankery that appears to go nowhere, followed by constant mediocre fills on behalf of the drummer. The band also has terrible ideas as far as conjuring or defining the mood of the song. Skip to track ‘Unintelligent Design’ and starting at 1:57 through 2:18 and you will totally not make any sense out of it. Out of the first 6 tracks of this album, I only recommend checking out track ‘The Carcass Derrick’. Here the band seems far more focused on their game, leaving you hungry for more.

The second half of the album isn’t as bad as the first half, but it is still completely mundane. This is where the band tries to sound more “technical” just for the sake to sound technical, and frankly fails miserably. Not even one guitar line or tune was memorable, and there are no redeeming aspects on any of the instruments whatsoever. Nothing is memorable and nothing is worth listening to... it is just a total waste of your time.

With ‘Karma. Bloody. Karma’ I think the band has managed to release one of the most boring commercialized death metal albums ever. I don’t see why people praise this band so much, nor do I understand why all these myspace hardcore zealots are patronizing this band now after their apparent appeasement for this record. This is the most poorly executed album that I have heard in a very long time, and my best recommendation is to steer clear from this inexperienced and incoherent "technical" bullshit and pretend it never existed.