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Cattle Decapitation - Cattle Decapitation / Caninus

First split, first shitty release since Homovore / Caninus sucks, ok? - 3%

Disengorge, April 2nd, 2024

Cattle Decapitation was THE death metal band of the 00's, kicking ass, touring, awesome song, right? Now, you see this fecal matter in the form of audio, and you have an existential crisis! Now, I will say that it fucking SUCKS and SMELLS LIKE SHIT, Homovore, and this split (that split my brain into two) are the only releases from Cattle Decapitation that sucks ass. Look at that damn cover, I said, look at that piece of shit. Did John Kennedy had a dog when he was a kid? And I can't "unsee" it. Well, I won't be expecting this to be a professional full-length that deserves a Grammy (even if Terrasite and Death Atlas actually deserve some prize) or something, and this is why it sucks, because it was recorded in one day. Hell, some of the songs were old songs that were included in the Medium Rarities compilation.

The weirdest lyrics of Cattle Decapitation: some will say it's Forced Gender Reassignment or the weird shit from the Jerky/Homo albums, but this is philosophy, fecal philosophy to be more specific. Watch this: "Diarrhea comes quickly / Cup your hands to catch it / Use your tongue and lap it up / FECES. - Yeah, Cattle Decapitation made me lose hope in humanity, not of the misanthropic-ass "Fuck every human; I hope everyone deserves to die on this shitty fucking planet. I hate you people fuck you" lyrics, but by these types of weird lyrics, but do what against it? Just shut up and take it. The whole side of Cattle Decapitation is just weird guitar noises, and well, that surged one of the first songs of Cattle Decapitation that used those symphonic sections they use in every song since 2019: No Future. Who also doesn't have a future? This shitty ass split; this split is forgotten. Thank God (or any divine entity). The Recapitation of Cattle is the shortest song here, maybe the shortest of death metal (You Suffer is grindcore, at least in my opinion; don't criticize me for it), and for some reason, I tabbed the song perfectly in 20 seconds, and I'm not a professional; I'm a casual musician.

The guitar"s" and its tone are HORRIBLE, there's no feel, and there's no lead guitar, only rhythm, but I understand that since it was recorded in a day. The bass? How can I even say if the bass is horrible, good, or mediocre if I can't hear it? But when you can hear it, it's DISTORTED, AS FUCK! - Sorry for the yelling; I just can't take this shitty split. If you love CDs (and C.D.), don't buy that shit, at least if you're one of Taylor's cocksuckers who listens only to Death Atlas and Terrasite.

Now for the Caninus side, oh boy, this is pain. Hey, don't interpret it wrong. I don't hate animals and pets; I love animals and pets, but the band's owner is a fucking sick bastard since he used two goddamn cute princesses (I mean, angry dogs) to do some goddamn goregrind vocals, and this is actually amazing, but there's one problem. Caninus' side of this fucking shitty split (I mean, amazing split) does suck, since it's just weird-ass Hatebreed-like metalcore with dogs as vocalists, but ironically, Cattle Decapitation had a Gore not Core shirt on this epoch.

The tone is a little bit late, since there were bands that had that kind of sound back in the 90's. And wait, do I hear a woman's human pain sound from fucking World of Warcraft on the last second of 11:11 Is a Cult? Or did the band owner step accidentally on the dog's tail? Let's tell Blizzard, then.