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No muy bueno - 17%

firebee1, May 28th, 2008

It's so hard to talk about the content of this EP because there hardly is any! The total running length of Cattle Decapitation's ¡Decapitacion! clocks in at 2 minutes and 19 seconds, with three songs in its track list. From that alone you probably wouldn't be wrong to think, “What on earth? Does a two-minute EP have any kind of potential to astound its listener or break any kind of perceived boundary? Is there any possibility that somebody can hear these three very short songs and find them so uniquely good that they might call it a favorite or a timeless classic? Is there the smallest chance that this could stand out above all the other grindcore releases out there?” While I'm sure there is that special band out there that might be just good enough to pull off something like that, I doubt any of us could expect Cattle Decapitation to be that band. It's certainly a bummer that even before listening, I can be confident that this EP's enjoyability is definitely going to be very limited simply for its extremely short length. I don't think that's unreasonable either. Can you imagine if Napalm Death released their record-setting song You Suffer as a single? Can you also imagine how extremely hard it would be to formulate an opinion on such a release?

The musical content is simply unimpressive. They sure sound potent at first. The decent riffs are there, the speed is there, the drum tone is pretty cool, the songs are even surprisingly well structured (for a little 2 minute long EP), but it's all over before you know it and what little it does have is just not impressive enough to give this any worth. Also, the vocals suck and don't mix well. There's the standard Travis Ryan growl doubled up with some passionless shrieking and yelping. When the three songs are over, I don't get any sense of completion or satisfaction from having heard it. There's no highlights or low points to it. I can't think back to parts about it I did and didn't like or what worked and didn't work. There's just barely anything here to be appreciated and critiqued, just a small handful of decent riffs and fills. If they'd just extended the EP's length by about five or six minutes and improved the vocals then this might have been decent. Actually, if what I've read is true, the three songs on this are just a few cuts from their Homovore EP in Spanish. Yeah right, as if people need their completely intelligible grindcore lyrics in their own native tongue for more accurate comprehension. Unfortunately, due to its extremely short length, unimpressive music, and lack of any kind of noticeable flow, listening to this just gives me that, “What the fuck was that?” kind of feel by the time it's over.