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ironasinmaiden, February 3rd, 2003

DOOOOM. Cathedral are the kings of British doom... this album is killer from start to finish, full of bludgeoning riffs and fuzzed out leads any Sabbath fan will rejoice in. If you are a Cathedral virgin start here. Not only is the music top notch but the cover art is possibly the greatest of all time... a sprawling acid soaked underworld tapestry that will remain interesting after hours of intense scrutiny. So if you dig doom/stoner in all it's monolithic glory, pack your bong and hop aboard the carnival.

As mentioned above, there are lots and lots of riffs here... the bridge riff to Fangalactic Supergoria is so fucking heavy. Heavier than a pile of tombstoens and iron crosses. HEAVY! The excellent fuzzed out production helps alot, and Lee Dorrian's vocals are gruff and awesome, far away from the doom metal, ozzy-knock off standard. There isn't much PURE doom here, asides from the crushing Night of the Seagulls (based on the knights of the templar movie series... coool).... I like that, since pure doom gets old fast. This is Sabbath/St Vitus influenced "doom-rock" so to speak.

Matthew Hopkins Witchfinder is a classic, riding it's throbbing riff and Vincent Price samples to an insane crescendo. My favorite tracks are "the Carnival Bizzare" a massive headbanger... and Blue Light, a freakin tripped out psychedelic journey that will have little appeal for metal purists.