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Badass doom metal by Lee Dorrian & co. - 90%

TallManPhantasm, May 25th, 2007

Cathedral put out this great release in the late 90's, when actual metal wasn't doing so good. This album brings out a lot of great riffs, and a lot of generally fun and catchy music. There's even a bit of funk on here. "Caravan Beyond Redemption" starts out with "Voodoo Fire", which has some great riffs and vocals, as do a majority of the songs on here. "Freedom" has some very funky and groovy sounding guitar playing. It's really quite fun.

"The Caravan" is like a nice little intermission in the middle of the album. It's a little short though, it's the shortest song on the album at about 3 minutes long. That's a good thing with this album though, a majority of the songs on here are over 5 minutes long. Right after "The Caravan" the album picks right back up with the great heavy riffer "Revolution". At the end is the super heavy "Dust of Paradise", which is 14 minutes of pure ass-kicking.

Because of releases like this, Cathedral helped metal out a lot in the 90's. I would say that this would be a great pick-up for anyone, especially fans of Sabbath and other traditional sounding doom.

Highlites of the album are: "Voodoo Fire", "The Unnatural World", "Captain Clegg", "Earth Messiah", "Revolution", and "Heavy Load".