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Forgotten beauty - 100%

Everwinter, August 24th, 2007

Nowadays Catharsis is one of the most famous Russian metal bands, the fame came to them after "Wings" released in 2005. Now let's walk back in time and listen to their works which almost everybody has forgotten.

If you listen to this album you'll understand that today Catharsis is badly spoiled. Great musician works, especially by buttoner and vocalist who proves that there are no vocalists, as people say, "without voice", although he plays only in four of seven tracks. Difficult and beautiful guitar solos sound great, acoustic guitar is also one of integral parts of Catharsis's music.

The first track "Igni et Ferro" starts with organ followed by drums and guitars, then we can hear a beautiful combination of guitars and piano. Also in this song Oleg Zhilyakov shows his vocal abilities. The only thing I don't like in this song (it is also the only thing I don't like in the whole album) is simple drums in chorus, but if we don't pay attention on it, the song is great.

"A Trip Into Elysium" is an instrumental track started by acoustic guitar, as I've already said, it sounds great in Catharsis. In the middle of the track we hear beautiful and difficult guitar solo played together with piano. Nice track.

"My Love, The Phiery" is my favourite song. It has beautiful instrumental work of all musicians, sometimes the second guitar plays short solo (something like Nightwish - Over The Hills And Far Away), also there are wonderful lyrics. You will enjoy this track, this is probably the strongest part of the album. But don't stop, four tracks are left.

The next track is "Etude 1 a-moll for piano". As you may have guessed, it is piano solo. Nothing special, but it shows the professionalism of the buttoner.

"Pro Memoria" is also a great track which you will enjoy without doubt. Beautiful guitar riffs are greatly going with symphonic parts of keyboards, and the strong vocals appear again. This track is rather slow and would be freferred by those who don't like heavy or fast music.

And now let's have some rest. "Silent Tears" is a nice ballade mostly played by acoustic guitar. Of course, electric guitar appears later, as it appears in each song of the album. It is also a nice track of the light album.

"Into Oblivion" is an outro of the album. Played mostly with a single guitar riffs and only 3 minutes long it is a nice end of the album that will remain in your memory for ever.

So, if you like the light tracks of neo-classical power metal or you have enjoyed the last Catharsis's works, you have to listen to this album, you will regret that you haven't listened to it before.