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Simple and to the Point - 91%

ict1523, March 24th, 2007

This album introduced me to Catamenia, and I must say I liked and still like this album quite a bit. Its a very pleasant album to listen to even now, several months after I first got it. It is a different style from today's Catamenia, it is much more raw, it is much more black metal, and has a much more wintry atmosphere, and these are all things that really make this album shine even if other things like the production and overall songwriting aren't as great.

The band here was just getting started so this nonetheless is a great start. The songs on this album are generally short, but there are 14 tracks, which puts the album at a good length. A lot of the songs start off with a bit of acoustic guitar, and you could even hear the frigid howling winds on the beginning of "Freezing Winds of North". The songs are all generally mid to fast paced, Catamenia really doesn't have any really slow or really fast songs. The instruments are pretty great, though at times the guitar seems to be in the background because of the loud synths and keyboards, but they do sound beautiful and add a ton of atmosphere. The vocals are very good, a raspy scream which goes very well with the production and overall sound of the album.

Some highlight tracks are "Dreams of Wonderland" with its wonderful acoustic beginning quickly exploding with a loud scream. "Into Infernal" has another acoustic but less doomy beginning which is also great. "Freezing Winds of North" has a great melody with catchy riffs, and is one of the faster paced songs, and is very nice throughout. "Pimea Yo" is also a good song with a nice acoustic beginning with acoustic guitars popping up here and there throughout the song. It is less melodic, but not too heavy.

As a whole, the songs on this album are very similar, but they are also very catchy and provide an amazing atmosphere, the sound of the album MAKES you picture yourself in beautiful north Scandinavian areas. Catamenia's sound has evolved a lot over the years, but I myself liked this more black influenced Catamenia a lot and maybe even more than their current, more commercial sound.