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Catamenia - "Halls Of Frozen North" - 100%

Purp, August 1st, 2004

This is one of the best products in my cd collection. Catamenia's "Halls Of Frozen North" will always be one of my favourite black metal albums. And I'll tell you why;

When you first turn this one into the cd player you'll hear the first track "Dreams of Winterland". This one sets the atmosphere for the rest of the album. Mostly because the cold screams from the throat of Mika Tönning, but also because of the keyboards. Some bands seems to use way to much keyboards, but Catamenia have found a way to make it sound perfect. This fits very good with the crystalclear production.

The drums are also beeing used in a very good way. They do use blastbeats, but they don't lay all their power on blastbeats. Instead they've parts in a few songs there it's often an easier tempo. This is someting that I'm a big fan of. They've also slow beginnings in some songs with beautiful guitars and keyboards. For exemple in the song "Into Infernal".

How can I end a review about such a great album like "Halls of Frozen North"? Well, it's certainly not easy but it has to be done. This is an album that fans in the lines of Immortal and fans of black metal with clear production should check out!
You won't be disappointed.