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CoB black metal style - 85%

Arsenicum, July 2nd, 2007

Halls of Frozen north is certainly an enjoyable record to listen to. Sure it's not original, I wouldn't even call it black metal, but hey. The songs on this record are extremely catchy and in your face, but a littlebit too happy sounding to be classified as black metal. It's more like Children of Bodom meets Manegarm in my opinion. The vocals are the strongest point of Catamenia, catchy screams without the sound of a pig that's being castrated, as is the case with many sub-par black metal bands.

I personally never look at the way the words are pronounced in black metal, but with Catamenia, I will have to make an exception to that. For example, if you listen to the track " Into Infernal" without holding the lyrics in your hand, you just can't stop wondering what the hell the singer is shouting in the oh so catchy chorus. If I take a look at the lyrics and listen closely, I just have to conclude that the pronouncing of the words is just awful. Apart from the soggy pronouncing, Into Infernal is still my favourite track on this album as the screams are so damn catchy.

Next to the already mentioned screams, the guitars do their job but the most melodies come from the ever so present keyboard. Only instrument that never seems to draw my attention are the drums. Not that the drums are bad, but they don't add power to the music, and are just sounding weak and very thin.

Apart from those few negative points on this record, it is a very sollid performance. If you're into true black metal, Catamenia will certainly NOT be your cup of tea. But if you happen to appreciate catchy melodic black metal, give Catamenia a chance and they won't let you down.