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better than their last album... - 70%

cweed, July 6th, 2006

With this album, it seems as if the band is finally starting to develop the skills necessary to become one of the melodic BM elite. However, the band is still not there when it comes to writing truly memorable songs, but to their credit, the band definately seems to have cultivated their own sound and style, as well as accurately capturing the proper icy, majestic atmosphere of melodic BM.

Regarding the actual music, on this album the band has made several improvements. For one, the keyboards and the guitars sound better than they did on the previous albums. I believe this is partly due to the addition of new axeman Ari Nissila (replacing Sampo Ukkola)- the riffs are fresher and offer more variety. Also, the whole production quality on this album is even better than the last album, which I felt sounded pretty good. And lastly, and most importantly, the band finally replaced drummer Toni Tervo, whom I felt was pretty mediocre, with Kimmo "Sir" Luttinen, who was definately a good choice as a replacement for Tervo, as the songs definately sound more energetic and aggressive. My only complaint about the band's performance regards the vocalist, as he still doesn't do a whole lot for me. I just get kind of irritated with his standard, BM rasp and occasional growly "demonic" vocals, although the band does a better job this time with balancing vocal parts with instrumental breaks.

Overall, this is a much stronger effort than their last album, "Morning Crimson," and although at this point I wouldn't recommend Catamenia to anyone yet, I still feel that the album offers a look at the band's true potential to be a contender for a place among the melodic BM elite.