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Catamenia without a wolf - Cavalcade - 80%

All_In_Vain, November 22nd, 2010

Catamenia for me is another one of those bands that in every album keeps your interest up until the end and every release has something new to offer. This one is no exception. When you listen to Halls of Frozen North and this right after, I bet you my head that you wouldn't recognize them as a same band.

But enough of that and let's get to the actual album. Even though it's very different from their other albums, it still has that Catamenia-feeling. Music is not that fast anymore, which in my opinion is a bad thing for them. Riffs are really good, one of the best I've heard in a while and you can actually hear the bass. Drumming is also solid and as I said before, a bit slower... in a bad way. Then we have the vocals, well, three of them: high screams that they are known for, deep, and I mean deep growls and also cleans that they have added in their latest releases more and more. Screams are great, the best of the three. Growls are very nice too, maybe a bit out of the place in sometimes. Cleans are also very good, but there are maybe a bit too much of them. Lyrics don't focus so much on the killing coldness of the north like they used to, but mainly in dark themes.

In the end, this is a very good release, but still falls off too much for me. Has it's moments, plenty of them, but mainly disappointed me coming out from their other albums.

Recommended tracks: Blood Trails, Cavalcade, A Callous Mind, Angry Again (a very nice little treat here).