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Catalano - Into The Darkness - 90%

Orbitball, November 24th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2013, Independent

Very moving heavy/power metal in an origin of Chicago. The vibe is what moves me in this whole album. It doesn't matter which song, the music itself is truly a gem. Fighting over the rights to the name "Catalano" with another Australian made band, well THIS is Catalano! Heavy/power metal that is fill with illustrious riffs echoing out of the speakers in joyful metal that's truly impressionistic. Some of the history here is well Pat mainly worked with their ex-vocalist on these songs while his brother wrote some. It's a thing in metal where things happen and band members just seem to walk away for whatever reason.

Songs are 3-4-5 minutes in length with a classic heavy metal vibe throughout with Pat's compositions showing true metal influences. The vocals reminds me to that of Helloween just not as high end as that. A really good vocalist, ABSOLUTELY! Shiny leads too that coincide with the rhythms. They poured out their hearts in this recording with a solid tone and balls to the rhythms. It was mainly Pat with his ex-vocalist working on this and they did some phenomenal things with sounds. It was a good combination for the recording everyone seemed to contribute. But this is Pat's band killing it!

Maybe a little of this truly is never enough (to paraphrase their track) because to me, a lot isn't even enough! Of course it's coming from a long-time metalhead (me). The vocals fit perfectly with the songs and the production is solid! Pat put a lot into this recording. I'm surprised that Catalano isn't that well known to the metal arena especially in roots lying in Chicago and that darn Australian band putting them in the mud especially on streaming sources such as Spotify and YouTube. These guys do a great job with their metal. Very catchy riffs, illicit leads and vocals that are those which are GRAND!

Overall, this band doesn't do anything surprising to heavy metal except blow it up in their own way with great music! I love the clean tones as well, especially on "Sirens" and "Runnin With The Wind." Some epic tracks! I think that they have their own sound with influences. Definitely a great project. They're now working with a female vocalist hopefully on new material. I think every song on here is KING. They didn't miss anything here and I hope that they'll get more press for their releases. They deserve it! This band just rocks and has a unique sound overall worth your while to listen to!