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Deathrash'n'roll? - 81%

Napero, September 17th, 2010

Casket is yet another band from the recent death-thrash resurgence in Finland. Their take on the brand of metal popular in the past three years differs slightly from the main body of local death-thrash, and while it breaks no walls and explores relatively little new ground, it has an enjoyable character that simply calls for a beer-fueled head-nodding in a club.

Casket's particular brand of death-thrash leans more to the direction of old-school death metal tainted with a dash of death'n'roll, than towards thrash. Actually, pigeon-holing them as a mostly death-oriented deathrash band with Entombed-worshipping tendencies and occasional screamed vocal delivery is not completely off the mark. Some ingredients from the more modern kind of death-thrash are evident in the riffing, but the whole has a comfortably rocking quality to it, and would probably work wonders in a live setting. With a total of 12 minutes of duration, the songs on the demo would account for two and a half pints of beer alone, and seeing that the band has other material available for a considerable set list, there's a danger of over-dosing on fermented barley, should a live gig ever take place nearby.

Technically, the band works like a clock, precicely and without hitches, keeping its tempo mostly on medium level and the riffs flowing. There's simply nothing to complain on, and even the production is practically ready to be marketed as an official release, almost bordering on clinical in its perfection; a bit of roughness and edge in the sound would not hurt, and might give the excellence of the guitars more weight. If Decade of Decapitation has any flaws, they are more related to lack of hooks than to any other aspect of the songwriting. A few more catchy, memorable parts, and Casket might well be ready for more attention.

The demo is a pleasure to listen to, and definitely a solid piece of work. Also, the cover art is simply awesome! Decade of Decapitation is a good foundation to build on, and the future may well turn Casket into something notable in the local scene.

Very good, rather enjoyable, and technically nearly perfect. Casket is worth keeping an eye on, certainly.