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Norwegian Black Metal - 90%

HHH, August 10th, 2006

After a pretty good debut demo, this Norwegian Black Metal horde strikes back with their first fulllenght album. If you already listened to their demo, nothing has changed drastically and even four of the songs songs are also included here (re recorded).

This is Black Metal without any compromises or hints of originality, but played with seriousness and convinction. The band has done a very good work at the studio as they got a poweful sound but not over produced.

Opening song "Master of Mind and Flesh" is a great start, like a fist in the mouth of a poser. This song makes to come to mind those great times of Norwegian Black Metal. Another remarkable titles are "New Flesh" (from the demo), "This is the Age of Satan" or "Dark redemption" where the band proves to be able to perform quality Black Metal without the need to hide their riffs under a bad sound.

Althought this is not an original band, they do not sound really close to any other. Some bands you can compare the sound of Carpticon to could be Gorgoroth or Tsjuder.

No lyrics are included in the booklet but the whole material is pretty much focused on Satanism. Layout is very good, dark and cold (due to colour used).

I read anywhere that Tyr (Emperor, Satyricon, Borknagar) has done a guest appearance on the album recording the bass lines for one song, so he must be the one credited as Erik iwar (his real name?) on song "Darkened". Also other band members are involved in acts like Vidsyn and Nebular Mystic.

To end these lines, this is an strong album of True Norwegian Black Metal from this very promising band.