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Now I'm turning blue... - 55%

SilentWolf, January 31st, 2010

This is Carpathian's Forest single "He's Turning Blue" , which we could find on the album "Strange Old Brew" . Everyone knows that Carpathian Forest are one of those "Black 'n' Roll" black metal bands, and this single perfectly displays that for us.

The disc has two sides : one with the title track "He's Turning Blue" , and the has "Ghoul" , which is a Mayhem cover. Upon playing this my first thought was that the Rolling Stones had gone black. The tempo on this entire 7" single is rock and roll styled. Ofcourse, this is Carpathian Forest and this is what they're known for. The guitars are tuned perfectly, and create a weird atmosphere togheter with the drums. Then there are the vocals. I don't really have to say anything about these, they sound like every single song with Nattefrost on the mic. I love it, and all the CF fans will as well.

But why did I give this release such a low score then?

Well, the song is inhumanely repetetive, and the lyrics are childish (Apart from the Mayhem cover, which is done pretty well). It's just that Nattefrost could at least have put in a bit more effort to make it seem like he actually cared about this song.

"He's turning blue
He's turning blue
He's turning blue
He's turning blue
And nobody cares!"

This is what you'll hear over and over again. It's your typical anti-social, "fuck the world" attitude kind of lyrics. Why Nattefrost, why? We've seen so much better from you, yet you give us this piece of shit? Ah well, the band magically manages to save this doomed piece of vinyl, by giving us their version of Mayhem's "Ghoul".

This track is the ONLY reason why you should buy this (If you're dumb enough to do so anyway) . It's fast, the guitars are heavy, the drums are brutal, and Nattefrost didn't write the lyrics. This is a really good tribute to one of the bands we black metal heads all love.

Overall, this is just another marketing gimmick to get some extra money. If you're intrested in the Mayhem cover, you should buy "Originators of the Northern Darkness - A Tribute to Mayhem" which has a better mastered version of this track. Yet, if you're a fan/collector, go out there into the underground scene and buy it!