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Scandinavian spelling - 87%

Felix 1666, April 16th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2003, CD, Season of Mist

It's always the same. Whenever I listen to an album of Carpathian Forest, the acrid stench of shit and vomit spreads its aroma. My first thought is "where is my gas mask"? But the second thought commands me to face the challenge to take a deep breath and enjoy the morbid art of the sick Norwegians. Admittedly, one can imagine filthier albums than "Defending the Throne of Evil" with its powerful, proper and more or less clean production. Nevertheless, the band likes to present itself in the most ugly way and the message in the booklet ("You are nothing!!! You are absolutely nothing!!!!!") is not very friendly, if I am not mistaken. But I don't care. Irrespective of the content of the statement, I like their Scandinavian way of writing. Please note the forests of exclamation marks which build a discrete bridge to their Norwegian origin.

Carpathian Forest celebrate a slightly melodious yet very hostile type of black metal. Inter alia due to the aforementioned features of the production, they do not deliver a product that pays tribute to the guidelines of the underground. The creation of any form of dilettantism is definitely not their aim. To say it sarcastically: I don't want to offend them, but I am almost sure that the guys are truly good musicians. Their songs have a good flow, cannot be blamed for simplicity and score with harshness and atmosphere. Especially the first third of the album is excellent. Songs like "Put to Sleep like a Sick Animal!!!" appear as a maelstrom. It is neither fast-paced nor overly brutal, but the conglomerate of cruel riffs, spheric keyboards and demonic vocals lend the number its magic attractiveness. Not to mention the smooth melodies, a proper amount of unexpected breaks and - once again - the forest at the end of the song title.

Some more words about the vocals. Nattefrost's voice reflects torture, pain, vileness and scorn in an impressive manner. To describe his style of singing with the word "psychopathic" would be a gross understatement. He does not deliver these totally sick cries that drove the guy of Silencer crazy. Nevertheless, Nattefrost achieves a remarkable level of madness. Additionally, the well integrated background choirs increase the degree of intensity while having a slightly insane touch as well. "Nekrophiliac / Anthropophagus Maniac", eerie, heavy and partly fast at the same time, works as a good example in this context. This song marks the highlight of the album's last third which shows the experimental side of the Norwegians. A guest musician contributes saxophone lines that seem to originate from an Austrian coffee house for serial killers. King Diamond also has enjoyed a latte macchiato in this den of thieves with the name "The Old House on the Hill". Anyway, the Scandinavians show courage and strength while performing their "Cold Murderous Music".

Well, the description of the album's second third is still missing. In alignment with the Norwegian title, "Hymne til døden" has a few folkloric elements. But generally speaking, Carpathian Forest deliver typical examples of their unfriendly art. Unfortunately, the keyboards have too much room every now and then, for example during "Spill the Blood of the Lamb". But the straight and dogged riffing of the subsequent "One with the Earth" erase the impression of prevailing keyboards in a matter of seconds. Nevertheless, the keyboards add an obscure touch and the same goes for the aforementioned saxophone. All in all, the album's name is completely in line with the offering. Carpathian Forest defend the throne of evil - and it is great to see that their next album title has continued their excessive use of exclamation marks. F**k you all!!!!