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Carnyx "Leaving Reason" - 10%

danbedrosian, November 21st, 2010

I'm always one to expand my musical interests. I listen to many bands and a few different types of metal, but I don't listen to that much black metal. That's only because I'm rather strict on black metal. I have a criteria for what I'll find acceptable. Carnyx does not fit this, however.

Let's start with the track 'Scorn', which is the only track on this album I found enjoyable, an instrumental track. It was definitely one of the most interesting and appealing introductions I've listened to, I thought it would be a great album from here on in. How wrong I was. This was the only song to really save the album.

The album progresses with some well-produced instrumentation, which remains a part of the if-it-weren't-for-this-it'd-have-a-zero factor that makes the album somewhat enjoyable, that isn't too overproduced or unnecessarily fuzzy or loud. That is with the exception of 'Sweet Coffin' in all it's bland and repetitive fumbling/classical music attempt of a sound. 'Sweet Coffin' sounds mangled, and not in a good way you'd expect with black metal, and poorly produced unlike the rest of the album. The vocals were one part of this album that really dragged it down, along with 'Sweet Coffin'. The vocals sound like an iffy and airy attempt at early Max Cavalera vocals with pure failure as the outcome. Another demeaning feature the vocals hold is that they seem to fade outwards, if that makes sense, and ultimately making them even less enjoyable. One track which confused me in the vocal department was '1000 Days of Rain'. On this track I couldn't tell if he was screaming in agony or giving the attempt to actually sing words. That being said, I'm sure the song writing would've been a little more enjoyable if the words were even the slightest bit understandable. Hell, I would've been nicer if you could understand a few words.

All in all, "Leaving Reason" is a disappointment for having a good production quality, good instrumentation, but terrible vocals. When I noticed that this was a one-man band I thought he would be good like many others, but it appear the vocals were bad enough to keep others away.