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Carnophage > Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare > Reviews > PKendall317
Carnophage - Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare

Brutal Death Metal From a Place You'd Least Expect - 95%

PKendall317, January 26th, 2012

Turkey is probably one of the last places you'd expect a death metal band to come from if you're like me. Turkey's Carnophage is yet another example that metal can come from countries other than the Americas and Europe. Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare is Carnophage's debut onto the death metal scene, and it doesn't disappoint......much.

Carnophage is one of the many brutal tech death acts to emerge in recent years, and is very similar sounding to bands like Insidious Decrepancy, Severed Savior, and a heavier sounding Necrophagist. The music is brutal but not the point that it loses its technicality. The guitar riffs also have a distinctly Middle Eastern sound to them, and even manage to throw in melodies every now and then. Also, unlike a lot of other brutal death acts I've run across, there aren't very many breakdowns on this album. Those are instead replaced by intricate guitar solos and fast-paced technical riffing.

Vocally, Oral Akyol sounds very similar to Necrophagist's Muhammed Suicmez and Insidious Decrepancy's front man Shawn Whitaker. Akyol doesn't have much of a range, or at least he doesn't show it on this album, but the constant deep guttural growls he uses suit the music perfectly.

The only real problem I have with the album are its minor production issues. For the most part, everything sounds crystal clear. But the vocals seem to be slightly drowned out by the rest of the music and the entire album has this weird "echo" thing going on. It kind of sounds like the band recorded the album in a large empty room or an echo chamber.

Other than that Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare is absolutely a superb album and a must have for fans of this style of music. By far the best track is "No One Forgotten." I hope that we get to hear more of Carnophage and more of what Turkey has to offer.