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Carnophage > Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare > Reviews > MetalStrikesDown
Carnophage - Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare

Absolutely Brutal, Absolutely Insane - 96%

MetalStrikesDown, August 15th, 2009

I have been waiting a long time to write about this album and I don't know why. From the first minute I popped this disc into the player I was blown away. Carnopahge is not just another one of those technical wank bands that just want you to slobber at how much they can masturbate their guitar. They are a Technical Brutal Death Metal band from Turkey, a band that will slice your head off with their insane riffing and intensity. At first when I heard the band and then saw where they were from I was confused, but then with further research I have come to find out that when Turkey has a Death Metal band, they are more than likely good.
Carnophage play their own version of Death Metal. Every band member is extremely talented and they use the clean production to their advantage. With muddy production you would not be able to hear the absolutely menacing riff about two minutes into Blood Commander. The same applies to the rest of the album, the riffs are downright nasty and everything else is exactly on par with this. The vocals are perfect for the band, deep and monotonous but not gargling sounding. Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare is filled with crushing drums with the great triggers on the bass drum and precise blast beats. The bass playing is ferocious and tearing your ears apart. Here and there we get sparkling solos that clash against the overall sound of the album and just make them shine that much brighter.
It isn't often that you can listen to a Death Metal album and say you love everything about it. Everything is literally perfect for a Technical Brutal Death Metal album. I hope Carnophage and the rest of Turkey can produce more music like this. If only bands like this could tour the United States and show the legion of copycats in Brutal Death Metal bands how it is done, then the genre would be going in the right direction. I cannot wait to hear what else Carnophage has to offer, Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare is going to be hard to top.

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