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A Slamming Split - 83%

cookiecutter, October 2nd, 2006

In this split, three slamming bands from all around the globe come together in the name of brutal death metal. The three bands on here are Vomit Remnants, Godless Truth, and Carnivorous, each from a different continent, but speaking the international language of metal.

The split begins with by far the best band, Vomit Remnants. Hailing from what seems to be a very good scene in Japan, Vomit Remnants describe their sound as “hyper-groove brutality” and I’m inclined to agree with them. Their songs are littered with incredibly heavy, but still catchy grooves, reminiscent of Dying Fetus, although to a much higher degree. The vocals are powerful and dynamic, switching from a deep roar to a higher scream, again reminiscent of Dying Fetus, or the recent vocalizations of Incantation. The one thing that may bother people is the incredibly programmed sound of the drums. I didn’t mind this though, as it fit in well with the rest of the music, and didn’t overpower anything. Overall Vomit Remnants were great and fans of the band should not miss this. 95/100.

After Vomit Remnants finishes, on comes Godless Truth, a brutal death band from the Czech Republic. The style of metal here is technical brutal death, but with plenty of breakdowns thrown in. Comparisons to Suffocation are not unwarranted. Unfortunately, the three songs presented here, while average in their own right, do not stand up considering how great Vomit Remnants was, and that Godless Truth has been around since 1994. They just don’t quite have enough oomph or heaviness. The songs come off as too lifeless for a band that’s been around over a decade. While not bad, Godless Truth could’ve been better. 75/100.

Finally out comes Carnivorous to conclude the split. Carnivorous are a fairly new band located in San Francisco and play a similar style of death metal as both Vomit Remnants and Godless Truth (which makes sense considering they are on Zdenek of Godless Truth’s label). A big difference here is that the vocals are of a more roar like vein, similar to more oldschool death acts. The songs are slamming and brutal, with a pinch of melody to add some variety. Carnivorous’ output here is pretty good for such a young band, but nothing spectacular. I think they will only get better and I hope that they put out more in the future. 80/100

All in all a good split for fans of Vomit Remnants or brutal death metal, especially of the slamming variety.