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We all know what this is - 60%

Noktorn, April 24th, 2006

I'm going to level with you right now. If you're into underground death metal, then you have for all intents and purposes likely heard Carnivore Diprosopus.

What we have right here is a typical example, nay, a blueprint of South American brutal death metal. We have ugly, low-budget production. We have the nervous, overdriven drumming (complete with requisite blown out snare). We have more slam riffs and pinch harmonics than you could shake a stick at. We have ugly, guttural vocals that don't quite precisely replicate those found in Devourment. We have a terrible mangling of the English language.

So, is Carnivore Diprosopus doing anything new? Short answer: no. Longer answer: Kind of. When it comes to pure, ugly excess, Carnivore Diprosopus have it in spades. Death metal doesn't get much more guttural and worm-infested than this. There's the occasional spectacularly grotesque groove, like those found on "Whore Collector Of Testicals" or "Sick Nurse". There's enough uneven blasting to please even the most jaded of brutal death metallers. This is not innovative music by any stretch, but if brutal is what you want, brutal is what you'll be getting with "Filled My Stomach With A Pregnant's Corpse" (God the English is terrible).

To be perfectly honest, this isn't designed to be recorded music. This was obviously designed to be heard at excruciating volume in a tiny, dimly lit Colombian bar, where the full force and insane brutality of the music can take you fully. Recordings of this style just don't do these songs justice.

No, this album isn't 'good' in a proper sense. But for those of us who are constantly looking for the next step forward in absolute corpse-raping brutality, this might be your ticket. These are just the kind of guys that are never going to stop doing this stuff, so I guess I've got to give them a hand just for enthusiasm. I'm sure they absolutely obliterate live.

But hey, if you like this style of death metal, you probably own it already.

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