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Post Apocalyptic Masterpeice - 89%

Wrath_of_Conan, April 8th, 2005

Before Lord Petrus T. Steele misplaced his balls and started posing for Playgirl was this complete masterpeice of New York thrash, which aside from The Years of Decay might be the best thing the city ever had to offer. It's 1985, and Pete Steele and his cronies are all decked in leather and lionclothes waiting for the first press of the button to turn the city in a post apocalytic wasteland and THIS is the soundtrack of that sentiment. It's blood thirsty and ruthless, it packs a mean punch and a tongue in cheek sense of humour delivered with a bang on deadpan delivery.

Things kick off with Predator, a raging thrasher with a rapid fire delivery. Then all of a sudden we are treated to a massive Sabbath styledf break (Broken splintered bones, boiling blood...); oh yes, this isn't your typical NYC thrash break, this is something darker and heavier, and it's GOOD. Carnivore is the most fun of all the songs on here, and also the most crossover-esque; everything from the hilarious sexual innuendo of the lyrics to the face fucking gang shout chorus ... if memory serves right it's around 2:47 or so when the ball REALLY drops: I LOVE!!! TO EAST PUSSY!!! Oh yes, das ist kreig! Pete Steele's vocal delivery is brilliant, somewhere between a rabid snarl and an angry shout, but there is also some indescribable regal quality to it, possibly in the way he rolls his r's to sound like some sort of king of the wasteland.

While the first two songs are fun with sort of a punky feel Male Supremacy is where things start to go over the top. It starts out as a raging thrasher complete with some more fun sing a long choruses: fuck, is anyone looking at these lyrics? They are brilliant, a half sarcastic take on chauvanism: "between my legs I've got what it takes to be called a man,
fighting, feasting, fucking all I can". Brilliant! Then suddenly the song breaks down into some sort of tender ballad to constrast the pervese testosterone-cranked-to-11 vibe of the first half of the song, and it works so well that some time around this point your frontal lobe will be wetting itself with sensory overload.

Armageddon and Legion of Doom are more of the same (good thing), and are equally memorable; seriously, there is not one BAD song on this fucking album, every song is memorable in it's own way. Still these tracks contain the same sort of punkish energy as the first two, with MORE shout a long choruses ... ah, this is the stuff dreams are made of, they just don't make 'em like they used to.

God Is Dead, while not a bad song is definatly the low point of the album. The lyrics rule, but it's a bit sluggish and chorus is just a little to lounge music styled for my tastes. Adventurous, yes. Ownage of the highest order? Not really. But still good, and that choir of the end of the song just WORKS, if only they had changed the chorus up a bit this song might ravage souls like the rest of the album

Oh, and the rest of the album: Jebus H. Christ! The last two tracks are as close to perfection as Steele ever got. Check out the lyrics to Thermonuclear Warrior, this is fucking poetry, this is the script to a John Carpenter film, this is a masterpeice! Nice fast tempo, and a nice fucking breakdown (Crush! Kill! De-stroy!) that really drives the point home .... winnar! Then we have World Wars III & IV; sorry everyone, pray for a quick death because according to this song you are pretty much fucked anyways! Epic thrash of the highest caliber to be found here, hilarious lyrics to boot, nice riffwork ... oh God, brain is bleeding, my neck has snapped in half and somehow I'm stilll attempting to headbang: it's that fucking good.

This is NYC Thrash at it's finest, before Carnivore decided to turn the Agnostic Front influence to "11" on the next one (check out S.M.D.!). Essential, no question about it.